2 reasons why your website must work on mobiles

There’s a good chance that you’re reading this on a smartphone, because a massive share of our use of websites and other online content is on our phones.

And yet, there are still many businesses whose websites fail to give a great customer experience on mobiles; and who risk losing out in Google search results.

So, let’s take a look at the 2 reasons why your website must work on mobiles.

1. Your customers want it on their phones!

Around half of all internet traffic, and time spent online, is on smartphones and other mobile devices.

That’s a lot of people who want to see your website and consume your content on their phones – so is your site serving them well?

A few factors to consider when answering that…

  • Does your site display correctly on a smartphone?
  • Do images/video/text look good on a mobile?
  • Does your site load within seconds?
  • Does the written content get to the point?

The best experience for a smartphone user, is clear, concise, quick, and easy!

2. Google is prioritising mobile sites in ALL search results

SEO is all about getting as high in search results as you can – especially in Google because it’s the search engine most of us use.

Last year Google started prioritising mobile-friendly websites when people searched on a mobile device. But now, it’s making a significant shift.

But now, it’s starting to index mobile sites first for all searches – even those made on a desktop or laptop.

Now, the ‘desktop version’ of your website will still be ‘crawled’ by Google’s magic little pixies BUT a site that doesn’t give mobile users a good experience will be penalised.

What should you do now?

Firstly, check to see how your website performs on a mobile device.

An easy way to do this is to visit Google’s mobile test site which will check for factors such as design and speed and let you know how you’re doing.

If the results aren’t good, or you already know that your site doesn’t work well on mobile, then you need to make changes.

A ‘responsive’ site, which adapts to display correctly on smartphones –  but still looks great on a desktop – is the way to go. That’s why all sites created by GRANDESCO are responsive.

Got one of those ‘slimmed-down’ mobile sites?

When mobile web browsing started to take off, many web designers created mobile versions of clients’ sites; they often have web addresses that look like: m.yourwebsite.co.uk – note the m at the start.   

While these sites provided a quick-fix mobile experience, they are usually slimmed-down versions of the desktop site…with less content.

When Google indexes these sites based on this ‘low calorie’ version, many of your pages will be missed.

Again, the solution is a single, responsive website, that will look great however it’s viewed.

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